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NCC is located in a port city of Ningbo on the coast of the East Sea. Its two  campuses cover an area of 61.5 hectares with the building area of over 170,000 sq meters.

Seven schools of NCC except School of Landscape and Ecological Environment are in the main campus, which is in Yinzhou Higher Education Zone of Ningbo. All of the students there can share higher learning resources of many colleges and universities like The University of Nottingham Ningbo, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College, Ningo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, Ningbo College of Health Sciences, and of some social public facilities like Ningbo University Zone Library, Yinzhou Gymnasium of Ningbo, Yinzhou Culture and Arts Center of Ningbo, Ningbo Museum, etc..

The Park in front of the Main Campus of NCC

The other campus lies in a beautiful ancient town: Xikou, a 5A state scenic resort. Xikou was the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek and his son Chiang Jingguo. That’s a good place for setting School of Landscape and Ecological Environment. Besides the charming scenic wonders and flesh air, the school has an advantaged condition to build an internship base of gardening and two greenhouses. Students can directly learn specific knowledge of plants, forestry, garden, soil, disease and insect pest control and the like, from the nature.

The Campus in Xikou Town

The Campus in Xikou Town
Biology Lab
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