Dr. Volkmar Meinhold, CEO of F+U Sachsen GmbH Visited our College

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Dr. Volkmar Meinhold, CEO of F+U Sachsen GmbH , together with Miss Li Hong, his assistant and Asian responsible officer visited our College to discuss the relative issues about the training program for the teaching staff and students. Prof. Pan Jusu, Assistant President welcomed them, the relative leaders from School of Landscape and Ecological Environment, Information School, Accounting and Finance School, Tourism School, Training Center and Office of Foreign Affairs attended the meeting.

Prof. Pan Jusu firstly warmly welcomed Dr. Volkmar Meinhold and Miss Li Hong on behalf of all our teachers and students, then introduced our developing history and present specialties construction to them. Pan said that F+U is the biggest training organization in Germany. It has established cooperative relationship with many universities and colleges in China since 1999. Our college sent 2 teachers and 20 students of School of Landscape and Ecological Environment to Germany to receive training program in 2009, and we have sent another 5 teachers there this year. All the teachers and students who got trained in F+U thought that they had learned a lot there and very impressed by their behavior-oriented teaching method. Pan also showed an eager wish to deepen the cooperation between two parties.

Dr. Volkmar Meinhold showed his appreciation to our hospitality. He introduced the establishing background, training targets and cooperative situation with Chinese universities and colleges of F+U International Training, Germany. He said that Sachsen Commonweal Education, Ltd. could develop multiple fields cooperation with our college. They came with agreement scripts and official seal and their sincerity to bring about a successful cooperation with our college.

Prof. Pan Jusu put forward five suggestions in the meeting. First, the two parties could agreed on the strategic cooperation and sign an agreement; second, to promote the cooperation from the secondary schools to college level. We will send teachers and students to Germany to study every year; third, to establish a training basis in our college and to introduce F+U training program to all the universities and colleges of Zhejiang Province; forth, to invite the German teachers to give training in Ningbo and help us to push the working-procedure-based educational and teaching revolution; fifth, to develop a internship program of 2.5+0.5 mode for the students to study in Germany and let them to experience the advantages of German vocational education themselves.

Dr. Volkmar Meinhold totally agreed the suggestions of Pro. Pan and showed great interests in establishing the training basis in Ningbo. He said that we need a further negotiation about the establishment and operation of the basis and suggested that this program should combine both home and abroad training and give the teachers and students a on-the-spot training experience.

Finally, we two parties got agreed on a couple of cooperative programs and signed the agreements.

F+U is the abbreviation of Fortbildung und Umschulung in German, it refers to the continuous education and position change training. F+U training group is a non-profit training organization and it set up branches in six states of Germany and the other European countries. It has become one of the biggest educational training and examining organizations. F+U Sachsen GmbH is the biggest training company in their group and it has more than 240 staff and 2000 local students and 3000 overseas students. This training organization has developed broad cooperation with Chinese universities and colleges. It holds many training programs about car maintenance and repair, environmental protection, healthcare, etc. and has trained more than 1000 teachers and students.

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