Taiwan Lunghwa University of Science and Technology Paid a Visit to Our College

[2011-10-25]   Author:

Lian Weizhi, Director of International Affairs and Public Relationship of Taiwan Lunghwa University of Science and Technology together with Yin Xielin, vice-director paid a visit to our college on Otc. 17. Yu Lijun, vice-secretary of NCC together with the leaders from Information School, Accounting and Fiance School and Office of Hang Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs sincerely welcomed them.

Yu and Lian had deep communication about the educational system, the history of schooling of us two colleges, educational traits and cooperation in the meeting. Yu said that it was meaningful to develop the educational exchange between Taiwan and mainland. Lian hoped to strengthen the exchange students program and to have a deep cooperation in academicals, teaching and researching, etc.

It is said that we two colleges had signed the co operational memo for academicals, teaching and researching and students exchange since Ge Zixiang, President of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology visited our college May, last year. Now we have four students from Information School and Foreign Language School are studying at Lungwa.

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