Taiwan Impression--Report Meeting about Taiwan Island was Held by Foreign Language School

[2011-10-25]   Author:


The report meeting about Taiwan Island was held by Foreign Language School on Oct. 11. Prof. Li Weiwei, Secretary of CPC of NCC, Dr. Wang Zhengxv, Director of Cross-straits Economy and Trade Centre of Chihlee Institute of Technology and Tong Xueyang, Secretary ofYouth League Committee attended the meeting.

Zhou Qiujiang, the vice- secretary of General Party Branch of Foreign Language School introduced the general situation in Taiwan in the meeting. Yuan Lina, Ye Peiyun, etc. five students shared their experience with the students of Grade 2011. They called on the students to start with the small things and the thing around them, to master professional skills and cultivate good comprehensive qualities. They also showed many pictures of Taiwan to all the students to enrich their ideas. Many students actively asked questions and had a face-to-face communication with those representatives.

Prof. Li Weiwei firmly approved the frienly relationship between Chihlee Institute of Technology and NCC. He hoped that we could broaden the study and communication among the students between the two colleges. Dr. Wang Zhengxv sincerely showed his appreciation by writing a poem on the spot.

It is said that this report is one of the activities of Foreign Language School. It aims at promoting their students’ professional qualities and abilities.

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