The Opening of the Second Service Outsourcing Seminar, Ningbo

[2012-06-01]   Author:

The second service outsourcing seminar opened in Xikou recently.This project was hosted by Ningbo Educational Bureau and co-hosted by Ningbo Association of Service Outsourcing and it is a talent training project for the higher managers of Ningbo entrepreneurs, 2012.

This seminar was prepared since this April, there are 62 service outsourcing entrepreneurs, 120 managers and 5 government functional departments attend this training. This project highly promoted the development of training the staff of Ningbo entrepreneurs.

This seminar set up a good platform for the service outsourcing and enhance the communication between government and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. The service outsourcing in Ningbo has got a quick development in recent years due to the strong information industry, obvious industry advantages, logistics and rich talent resources. Ningbo will further expand the scale of service outsourcing and the quality of its entrepreneurs. The courses will be finished this June.

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