Four Entrepreneurs were Employed as Our Part-time Principle of Specialties

[2012-06-01]   Author:

Four entrepreneurs, Qi Meiqiao from Ningbo Building Adornment Trade Association, Yang Lixin from Ningbo Building Project Association, Zhanf Genlang from Ningbo Garden Landscape Construction Co., Ltd. and Cai Xiangyang from Hong Yue Flower Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, received the letter of appointment from our President Li Taiwu and Vice presidents Pan Jusu. This is another measure taken in deepening our specialty construction.

Specialty construction is the core task and key part of teaching in the higher vocational education. The principle of specialty is the leader in specialty development, and our college now implementing double principle system, which means that we will apply one principle on campus and another outside the college. This system helps our college to set up clear target in schooling and further develop the talent cultivation quality.

The specialties had a heat discussion about the requirements of the entrepreneur, the developing trend in the industries, the cultivating targets, specialty courses system and the arrangement of practical teaching in the meeting.

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