Middle School Students fronm Rouen France Paid a Visit to Our College

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27 students and their teachers from Rouen Middle School, France, paid a visit to our college on April, 17. The principles from Office of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language School and our French Major students warmly welcomed them.

Rouen and Ningbo are sister cities. All the members came to Ningbo for the first time, our college was the first place for their visit. All the French students were curious about everything of Ningbo and our college. They were around the campus by our teachers and students from Office of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language School, and they showed great interests to our practical training bases. All the teachers and students had a pleasant lunch companied by our representatives.

The French guests had a face to face communication with our teachers and students of French Major after lunch. The students of Rouen Middle School gave a brief self-introduction in Chinese, which they had just learned. Our students sang a beautiful French song to welcome them. Both parties hope to set up a profound friendship.

This activity provides a good chance for the French majors to communicate with French and get to know about the French culture.

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