Tourism School Sent teachers to Train and Communicate in Hongkong

[2011-12-23]   Author:

The four key teachers of Tourism School went to Hongkong Vocational Training Council to attend a nine-day training and communication for curriculum development and resources contribution of 2011 on Oct. 29.

The relative experts of VTC gave lectures about curriculum development, textbook development on the basis of ability, design of interactive teaching activities and how to stimulate the students’ interests and dynamics. Our teachers paid a visit to the hotel and equipment and practical basis of Service and Tourism Department of Huang Kejin Campus of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Their professional teachers gave a detailed introduction about their tourism management certificate course and led our teachers to have a personal guiding experience in Qianshui Bay and Chizhu. On the Chai Bay Campus, their professional teachers from hotel, service and tourism department introduced the developing trend of Hongkong tourism and their school-enterprise cooperation experience. They also showed us around the biggest travel agency in Hongkong---- Hong Thai Travel.

Our teachers also communicated with the professional teachers of model vocational colleges of Yantai, Dalian and Xi’an during the training. All the teachers said that it was an activity with rich contents and various styles, it not only helped them broadened their horizon but also broadened their teaching methods. It has an active promote to our revolution in curriculums and specialty contribution. Tourism School have paid much attention to cultivate their teaching staff and it has been the second time for them to dispatch their teacher to get trained in Hongkong.

Hongkong Vocational Training Council(VTC) was established in 1982 and it is the biggest professional educational training organization. VTC has 13 member braches including Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education(IVE), it aims at building a interactive and creative learning environment and providing training for pre-employment and under-employment students about 180,000, and they can issue the international acknowledged certificates for them.

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