Arts School

School of Arts of NCC develops from Arts Department of Vocational Education Faculty of Ningbo University, which was founded in 1994. After the exploration for over 10 years, it has gathered plenty of distinctive educational experience, and therefore yielded substantial achievements, especially the major of Art Design. Works created by students in Art Design have recently won many prizes in different important design contests home and abroad.

The school has three departments: Visual Arts Design, Space Environment Arts Design and Digital Media Arts Design, offering five higher vocational programs: Arts Design, Decoration Arts Design, Multimedia Design and Manufacture, Environment Art Design and Animation Design and Manufacture. Now the school has 832 full-time students and 33 faculty. Among the faculty, 26 are full-time teachers, 5 masters or above, 4 associate professors and above, 15 instructors, 18 “double-qualificationed” teachers who have gained qualification certificates of teaching and another occupation, and 19 part-time teachers from enterprises.

The school persists in service-based and employment-oriented notion. It takes high-quality and skilled talents training to adapt to art design industry in Ningbo and even Zhejiang as its main objective, pursuing the training effect of the people needed by the society. The school has introduced a teaching reform of project courses with a “Studio” system (apprenticeship system) which is in the lead in the domestic higher vocational education, and actively develops a mode reform of Three-year-integration training. All of this has greatly promoted students’ vocational ability and accomplishments. Through years of efforts, we have formed clear teaching characteristics and gained great achievements in domestic art design education field, and some even enjoy high reputation in art design.

The school has modern teaching aids and teaching means with a specialized reference room, a computer-assisted design laboratory, a CCC specialized exhibition hall, and 9 indoor training bases including a graphics studio, multimedia studio, animation studio, silk screen painting studio, etc.. The school has established over 30 external training bases, as well as 211 Creative Garden, integrating studios, a creative development center for under-graduates and a large training cluster, cooperating with Ningbo Art Gallery, Ningbo Museum and some famous design companies, such as Yinzhou Shuimu Animation Creating Base, Ningbo Zuoyou Art Design Co., Ltd., Ningbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd, etc.,

The school not only attaches importance to the promotion of students’ professional competence, but also develops some programs of occupational qualification training like ICAD (International Commercial Art Designer), which covers indoor design, landscape design, furniture design, exhibition design, graphics design, costume design, industrial products design, logo design, packing structure and decoration design, book decoration design, web design, enterprise CI design, etc..

With penetration of “Studio” system and integration of education resources, the school is improving its schooling ability and social influence. Pan Qin (vice professor), executive president, was elected as a discipline leader in Art Designs in Zhejiang province, a member of Arts Teaching Steering Committee in Vocational Technology Colleges in Zhejiang Province, vice chairman of Association of Pioneering Design in Zhejiang Province, and one of “Top 100 Chinese Designers Around the World”. At present, the major of Arts Design has been chosen to be one of the majors in Tourism and Exhibition Base from “Ten Biggest Training Bases for Applied Professional Talents in Ningbo”, and a key major of service-oriented education in Ningbo. A case study of “Studio” System—Practice of Training Mode of NCC by cooperating with enterprises in Art Design” was selected as an excellent case of integrating production, teaching and research in Ningbo colleges and universities. “Studio” --- Three-year-integration Training Mode of NCC was selected as an excellent case by the Education Ministry. Up to now the school has obtained one provincial key course-book and twelve quality courses and project courses of school level or above.

In the past few years, to meet the reform requirement of higher vocational education system and development of the arts design industry, all the faculty in the school has made efforts to train students with advanced profession and creative consciousness. It makes full use of advantageous terrain of the port city Ningbo to set up a big stage for students to develop and show their creative thinking and talents. In training, the school puts great emphasis on the combination of practice and theory, and integration with markets. It takes advantage of the efficient platform of “Studio” to break the current situation of the semi-finished training of colleges and universities in training qualified talents with exactly practical abilities for the market.

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