Department of Basic Courses

Department of Basic Courses was set up in April, 2008. It is a teaching department for general education for the whole college. Now it has six teaching and researching offices, namely, Ideology and Politics Office, Social P.E Office, Basic P.E Office, Music Office, Mathematics Office and Comprehensive Office, offering P.E courses, General-knowledge Courses of Teachers’ Training, College Students’ Career Development and Guidance, Practical Writing and Applied Mathematics. Besides, it has established a Physical Health Testing Center for college students. The department is also a standing body of the college’s Sports Meeting Committee in charge of athletic sports for all the faculty and students in NCC.

We have sport-related facilities as a standard ground track field, Student Physical Health Testing Center, and a multi-functional gymnasium. Besides, we have artistic facilities, such as electronic organ studio, piano studio, instrumental studio, dancing studio, etc.

We have a group of thirty-two teachers with reasonable structure of age, academic certificates and professional titles, which can meet the demands of higher vocational education development. Among them, thirty are full time teachers, eight are associate professors or above, ten are masters or above and three are national judges. We also employ some professors from P.E school, Ningbo University and some business managers from local enterprises as our part-time professors. In addition, we employ Mr. Weng Minghui, president of International Wood Ball Association and Mr. Wei Jizhong, vice-chairman of International Olympic Committee as our honorary professors.

We persist in service-based and students’ employment-oriented teaching concept. We are actively exploring new concepts, new thought and new ways of basic theoretical education about higher vocational college and trying to adapt our teaching methodology in line with students’ need and ability. We make full use of the function of theoretical courses of ideology and politics, and promote Marxism education. At the same time, we remain Humanistic Quality as our main theme in improving students’ professional quality and comprehensive qualities. We are trying to build a platform combining teaching of basic courses, professional courses and campus culture activities together to do our bit for NCC’s talent training.

We have been working on teaching reform and connotative development in the past few years. We have three college-level-above fine curriculum and two project courses up now. The project of Wood Ball has been listed in a provincial list of first courses with distinguishing features. Our students have won a lot of awards in the contests of mathematics, sports, dance and music with the help of our teachers.

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