Continuing Education School for Adults

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Continuing Education School For Adults was founded in 2004, conducting diploma programs of advanced correspondence education with the faculty from NCC. Meanwhile, it has been developing its co-schooling with some well-known universities, such as Beijing Forestry University and Beijing University of Science and Technology, to develop the academic education in correspondence undergraduate education and long-distance education for both the graduate and undergraduate. Until now, it has more than 4000 enrolled students receiving further education. The school also undertakes a variety of training programs for non-academic adult education in order to serve the development demands of local economy and society in Zhejiang province, especially in Ningbo.

Since it began to recruit students for further academic education in 2005, Continuing Education School For Adults has emphasized on education standardization, strengthened evaluation and supervision for course instructors and correspondence spots and set up a series of full management regulations to ensure the orderly operation of further academic education. Besides, the school is actively improving the reform in course structure that keeps professional certifications as the central task, and steadily advancing teaching quality. The teaching plan and syllabus for all specialties not only meet the national requirements for correspondence academic education, but also the demands of achieving the professional certifications relevant to the certain specialties, which make the teaching instructions press close to the actual needs of the industry and the enterprises, and improve the students’ practical abilities.

The school has been holding a two-year training program for full-time skills training since 2007. This program mainly focuses on learning skills and requires the students to participate in all kinds of examinations to get professional certifications that are relevant to their specialties. It also gives consideration to students’ requirements for academic education, and tutors students for the regulated courses in syllabus of correspondence education. In 2009, the school embarked on three-year trail enrollments in the program of “self-taught examination guidance + skills training + correspondence courses education”. Since the college emphasizes students’ ideological education and management, students’ professional quality development and educational quality improvement, all these programs have gained a good social reputation. By far, there are more than 1600 full-time students in the college. 

In recent years, the school has been cooperating with some other secondary schools in NCC, actively holding various kinds of non-academic education trainings, and undertaking the governmental training programs for enterprise staff and for excellent peasants in Ningbo. Apart from these, it also undertakes the training task of “Refresher Class of On-the-job Application for Postgraduate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (English Education oriented)”, organizes some training programs for vocational faculty force as well as middle and elementary faculty force in Zhejiang Province. And the school has also developed various kinds of training programs for people from all walks of life to receive professional certifications.

Having constantly adjusted itself to the demands of the society for degree education, the school recently has persisted to carry out reform and innovation, focusing on its inner development and exploring new talent-cultivation approaches that are occupation-oriented and technique-centered. With the continuous development of the school, the school will go through the start-up period and enter into a new era of rapid development.

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