Foreign Language School
Foreign Language School develops from School of International Exchange which was founded in 2005, aiming at cultivating inter-disciplinary talents for foreign-related posts to meet the demands of economic development. The school consists of two higher vocational education specialties, Applied English and Applied Frenchand has around 1139 full-time students. The school is conducting education reform and innovation actively in the aspects of school education orientation, specialty construction, teacher development, teaching material construction and students’ training and practicing, as well as positively exploring the new teaching mode of advanced vocational education.

The teaching staff of this school are very young and energeticand properly organized in their structure of age, academy degrees and professional titles. Among the 52 staff, 39 are full-time teachers, 8 have gained higher professional titles (20.5%), 29 are lecturers (74.4%), and 30 have postgraduate diplomas or master degrees (76.9%). The school also has a stable team of part-time teachers.

Based on human-oriented schooling notion and employment-orientated guidance, the school endeavors to build the specialty characteristic of “1+X” mode. Under this mode, students are trained to master basic knowledge of English and skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating. Apart from these, they have to possess basic professional knowledge and skills in foreign-related posts, such as foreign economy and trade, international logistics. Graduates from the school are expected to be capable of using English fluently to do relevant work in foreign economy and trade, international logistics, international business and international secretary with occupational quality and skills, a sense of teamwork, innovative ability and adaptability.

Combined with the actual condition and specialty features, our school uses the management pattern of Model United Nations as its carrier to fully carry out Quality Education and promote the students to obtain self-consciousness and autonomy in professional quality. The establishment of English Club realizes the mutual complement and support of teaching and practicing in the first and second classrooms, and improves the students’ comprehensive quality through a variety of activities.

Our school enhances the update of its hardware and software and has already established the institution of English studies. Students enjoy the modern language laboratory, audio-visual centre, multimedia classroom and a laboratory for the use of English-Chinese Simultaneous interpretation, which has already installed New Class English-Chinese oral interpretation system. The school is authorized to build a digital network language laboratory to make full use of the network information resources during the teaching processes on the classes.

The professional skills training for the foreign trade has become a major feature for the school talents training program. Our school has set up 5 national training centers that are approved by China Council of International Trade of Ministry of Commerce, for instance, Foreign Trade Salesperson Training Center, Foreign Trade Logistic Training Center, China National Business English Certification Training Center, National Training Center of International Commercial Document and Training Center of National Foreign Trade Documentary Manager, and two examination centers for foreign trade salesperson and foreign trade logistic. All these centers have provided the students with more than ten professional certification training programs for foreign trade, and have already formed a relatively integrated foreign-related professional certification training system.

Our school actively explores the new talent-cultivating mode of school-enterprise cooperation and strengthens the construction of talents training and practicing bases. The “2+1” school-enterprise cooperation with Ningbo Shengtai International Freight Agency and Ningbo Gangdao Office Furniture Co., Ltd provides the school an all-orientation cooperation in the aspects of talents training, practical teaching and student employment, which is a further reflection of the schooling mode of “ School-Enterprise Cooperation , Work–Study Combination”.

Our school has been running education cooperation with the faculty of foreign languages of Zhejiang Normal University to establish curriculum refresher class for English majors, which provides great convenience and lays solid foundation for the students to improve themselves. Under the supervision of our college, the school is entitled to set up the study-abroad program with a university in America in which the credits can be mutually recognized by both parties. Therefore, it provides a new approach for cultivating international talents.

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