Information School

Information School mainly offers education of science and technology. It consists of Computer Department, Electronic Technology Department, Experiment and Training Center and School Office. There are 6 diploma programs in Computer Group and Intelligent Control Group for over 1200 full-time students: Technology of Computer Application, Computer Networking Technology, Computer Information Management, Application Electric Technology, Building Intelligent Engineering and Mechatronics Technology. We have one college-level special major and three college-level key majors.

Dr. Xu Tiefeng, president of Information School, is assistant president of Ningbo University and a tutor of Ph.D. students. He is leading forty-five staff to offer quality education for all of the students in the department. Of the staff, there are thirty-two full-time teachers, among which 13 are associate professors or above, 18 are instructors, 25 are masters or above, 30 are double- qualificationed teachers who have both qualification certificates of teaching and another occupation.

To meet the demand of specialized personnel training, we have set up two practice bases of Computer Department and Electronics Department and 20 training rooms. Besides, our school has successfully attracted investment of over RMB13,000,000 from enterprises for establishing manufacturing practice bases and purchasing the equipments. Our Electronic Practice Base in the campus was even awarded the Demonstrative Practice Base of higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province. Furthermore, our school has been trying to reform our training mode by cooperating with local enterprises. We have built many training or practice bases out of the school with over 20 companies, such as Ningbo Jinwang Information Industry C0,Ltd., Aolin (Net) Science and Technology C0,Ltd., which set up a platform for student practice. In the past five years, our school has provided local enterprises with more than 1,400 students cooperating with 13 companies in “2+1” training mode (Students study basic knowledge and skills of their specialty for two years in school and practice for one year in partner companies). We also offer outsourcing training of software service with Ningbo Southern New Urban Outsourcing Service Zone and has made an “Order Mode” in Transportation Electromachanics and Automation with Ningbo City Rail Transit (Group) Co. Ltd.. We train students according to the need and demand of partner companies who will employ our graduate meeting the requirement.

With Ningbo’s economic construction and development, our school takes outsourcing training as our distinguishing feature. Our school has been approved to be one of the five training bases of outsourcing service. To fulfill the training goal, we have founded an education center with NIIT, which has also become a demonstrative base of CEAC by cooperating with CEAC Center. Furthermore, our school has gained the qualification of training and verification of junior, intermediate and senior professional skills for computer operators, computer program designers, computer network administrators, intelligent building managers and maintainers of household appliances.

Our school always pays much attention to the training of students’ creative technology, and has undertaken two Collegiate Scientific and Technical Projects of Zhejiang Province. These years, we have won the second prize in National Collegiate Electronic Design Competition, a silver medal in Collegiate Programming Competition of Zhejiang ProvinceACMand a bronze medal in Ningbo Software Design Competition.

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