School of Landscape and Ecological Environment

School of Landscape and Ecological Environment is located in a beautiful antient town---Xikou-Xuedou State-level Scenic Area. The history of the school can be dated back to the original Gardening major of Ningbo Forestry College and then the Gardening Department of Ningbo Vocational Educational Faculty of Ningbo University. In April 2005, Environment School was seperated from School of Art Design and moved to Xikou Campus. It was named School of Landscape and Ecological Environment in January 2010. Now there are nearly 13000 full-time students in the school.

The school has three departments: Gardening, Horiculture and Architectural Departments. It offers six higher vocational diploma programs in Technology of Gardening Engineering, Garden Technology, Horticulture, Sightseeing Agriculture, Technology of Architectural Engineering, Technology of Architectural Decoration Engineering and Technology of Architectural Engineering. Majors of Gardening are among the earliest and most influential higher vocational majors in Zhejiang Province. Since it began post-secondary vocational education which is called higher vocational education with a Canadian college, the school hasprovided a number of quality garden constructors. At present, Technology of Architectural Engineering is listed as a characteristic major of Zhejiang Province and a key major of Ningbo. The professional group of Ecological Urban Construction and Creation was awarded one of the key municipal developing majors of services in 2009, which cosists of Horiculture, Technology of Gardening Engineering and the like. Technology of Architectural Decoration Engineering and Technology of Architectural Engineering belong to majors of training talents in short supply in our country. With a promising employment market, Sightseeing Agriculture aims to provide creative talents in modern agriculture.

The school has a group of deligent, initiative, cooperative faculty with reasonable structure of professional titles, degrees and ages. Among the 38 people,over 80% are double-qualificationed teachers who have two qualification certificates of teaching and another occupation. There are 11 associate professors or above, 5 doctors and 14 masters. Two teachers are listed in the third level teacher of “151 Talent Project” of Zhejiang Province, one the second level of “4321 Talent Project” of Ningbo and one as a leading major constructor. Two won the New Star Award for Education in Zhejiang’s colleges and universities, and the teaching group of Technology of Architectural Engineering was awarded as the Excellent Teaching Group of Zhejiang Province. In the process of developing these majors or major groups, over 30 specialists from the industry and enterprises have joined the group of professional teaching instruction and part-time teachers.

The school keeps emphasizing teaching and researching all the time. It promotes teaching innovation and has gained fruitful achievements. Teachers in the school have published twelve textbooks or books. Four textbooks were listed as Provincial Key Developing Textbooks. Bidding and Final Accounts of Garden Engineering was awarded as a National Excellent Course, and Plant Physiology a provincial one. In the last years the teachers have published over 50 paper in kind of professional magazines and conducted 34 various sorts of teaching or research projects, among which one is a national natural science funding project, three are provincial research project of Education Department, five projects of municapal Science and Technology Bureau and five are Educational Planning projects of provincial or municipal level. What’s more, the teachers have won one third-prize of Science and Technology Develoment of Zhejiang Province, one second-prize of municipal Science and Technology Develoment, two second-prizes of municipal Teaching Achievements and one Good Case of Cooperation between Schools and Enterprises. In short, the school has gained good economic, social and ecological benefits by making full use of its science and technology and promoting service of production, teaching and researching, and social practice. The school has set up a national Occupational Skills Identification Station of Specific Types of Work in Forestry, which is entitled the identification and accreditation of occupational qualification from junior workers to technicians. Every year the station offers service of training and identification for about 800 people of different kinds of skills.

The school develops according to the market demand and abiding by higher educational rules. It encourages the reform of talent training modes by connecting working and learning. The mission of the school is to provide quality applied talents with a good conceptual expertise and strong ability of practice. To fulfill this goal, the school has set up 14 in-school training rooms of Bidding in Garden Engineering, Modern Biotechnology, Construction and so on. There is also a practice base of horticulture and gardening supported by the Central Finance. The school has established close relationship with many industrial associations like Ningbo Construciton Association, Ningbo Architectural Decoration Association, etc., and long-term stable relationship with more than 50 enterprises in Ningbo. And it has developed over ten outside-school practice bases with close cooperation with enterprises.

The school persists in the student-centered educational principle, focusing on training their professional ability and occupational quality. Since the school held a project of Training Occupational Quality in Corporation Culture in 2007, the students’ comprehensive qualities have been improved, which can be showed in their performance in a variety of science and technology contests. In 2009, the students won four first-prizes, five second-prizes and six thirds. The school’s Technology and Innovation Group has received a second-prize in the second Challenge Cup Innovative Undertaking Contest of Higher Vocational Colleges, Zhejiang Province, a third-prize in Qinyuan·Challenge Cup Innovative Undertaking Planning Contests, Ningbo in 2009, and one New-seed Prize in E-cube Creation Contest for College Students. Up to now the school has provided nearly a thousand quality skillful professional talents to meet the scocial need. The employment rate of graducates is above 95% on average every year.

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